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Bob inverted haircuts, introduced by Antonine in 1909; invoke timeless hip and chic, especially in and around Europe.  The popularity period started from 1920 when women began to take it as a sign of women freedom.

Today, it is a celebrity’s haircut. It has got such a steamy range of innovations that today’s bob flatters every shape of face. Its most lovely part is back side, where lots of layers are stacked in dramatic way. It creates a crown which is seductive and soft.

The ultra-modern bob cut usually have a bang, which increases its charm. Another mind boggling thing about this bob is the neat line of hair right above the neck nape.

Ladies, who go to offices on a regular basis, need a stylish look and easily manageable personality. Bob inverted haircut lets them look super stylish and full of attitude sitting on desk. Most of the bob cuts, besides spirals, are easy to manage. That is why it is totally a work-friendly haircut. You can join social gatherings while shining among all through a well-suited bob cut.

Another innovation to bob inverted hairstyle is wavy or messy look. Gone are the days when people were judged by neat looks. Nowadays, the more disheveled you are, the more attention you get. Raw looks also have a huge range of eye-catching bob cuts to suit every lady’s personality.

There are thousands of dreamy, steamy and spicy bob inverted cuts with swingy, crazy layers and soft, mount crowns at the back. All of them have something unique and attention capturing. To give full range of the colors of bob is impossible in short words.

Let us walk through 80 famous, stylish, lush and seductive inverted bob cuts screaming chic and fashion. Give you as much style as offered by bob’s era!

Adorable Inverted Bob Haircut for Black Hair

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The lush short inverted bob haircut in the picture gives bold and attractive look to ladies. Ladies with thin hair are recommended to style it like this.

A well known hairstylist says, “The thinner your hair, the shorter your bob should be”. Keeping front layers short makes face more eye-catching among a group of people.

Especially today’s youth with thin hair looks amazingly up-to-date and stunning with short inverted bob.

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