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Getting ready for prom and have no idea what to do with your frizzy hair. The best way to manage them is to put them in Black tree braids. This will tame down the frizz while give you an elegant look. Tree braids hairstyles can solve this problem for you.

We have collected for you a list of 33 latest tree braids hairstyles. I am sure you will find the hairstyle of your choice among these hairstyles.

Best Hair for Tree Braids

There are many choices for you when you are going to install tree braids on your head. You can choose hair for tree braids from both synthetic hair and human hair. Make sure you must take at least 24 inches as it will be halved upon braiding.

The best hair for tree braiding synthetic hair will hold your hair tight and bound to braids. There is a problem with synthetic hair for tree braids is that it can loosen up. Synthetic hair will lose with combing and they cannot be styled with hot ironing techniques.

The best human hair for tree braids is any human hair variation that you like the most. Human hair are better at making a joint with other hair. Human hair for tree braids can styled in anyway you like. Best human hair for tree braids will not come cheap but they have a longer life and they are flexible in styling.

How Long do Tree Braids Last

Tree braids last two to three months with proper care. You can read our post about ‘how to take care of your braids’ for better guidance and to make your braids last longer.

How much do Tree Braids Cost

Tree braids will cost you $100-$150 including price for human hair packs and your hairstylist fee.

Here is a collection of 33 latest tree braids hairstyles for black women.

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