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Long Senegalese twists braids for black women greatly add to beauty when the lady’s facial features are large and body features are fuller. So long Senegalese twists look great on all black women of almost all ages and all face shapes. The distinction of Senegalese twist is their ability to protect your hair and their classy look.

Definition of long is different for every face type. Your hairstyle must compliment your face shape and it must make you look great. So here, if you keep Senegalese twists, you can change their length in accordance to your facial features. You also have liberty to adopt a hair color of your choice. So there is no specific face shape that is most favorite for Senegalese twist hairstyles.

Long Senegalese twists for black women are casual hairstyles. Once set up, they do not need much care and maintenance except shampooing them once in a fortnight. You can keep them for maximum two months, afterwards it is advised that you unbraid Senegalese twists to refresh your hair and scalp.

Installation cost for long Senegalese twists is high. You may need two hair extensions to plant this Senegalese twists which, added with hairdresser’s fee, can cost as high as $100.

Best Hair for Senegalese Twists

Wondering what hair to use for Senegalese twist? here is the answer.

The best hair to use for Senegalese twists is Kenkalon or silky braiding hair and Toyokalon. Human hair is not advised for Senegalese twists as they can lose your twists premature whereas synthetic hair holds your braids for long enough to let them mature and be a part of your hair.

Some people think that Marley hair for Senegalese twists is the best choice but rather Marley’s hair is only a good option. You can buy Marley’s hair here now.

Kanekalon is the most realistic looking hair for Senegalese twists. Kanekalon is advised for medium to large braids. They are cheap, and they are easy to manage. The price of an average hair pack of Kanekalon starts from $1.99 per pack. You can buy Kanekalon braids now.

Toyokalon has light and fluffy outlook and texture. Toyokalon hair is better for small braids. However, they can get tangled if they are not managed properly. The price of one pack of this hair is $3.99 on average. You can buy Toyokalon here.

What kind of hair do you use for Senegalese twists?

Here are 70 Senegalese Twists Hairstyles for you. You will surely pick your next hairstyle from this huge list.


#1. Beautiful Combo of Senegal Twist Braids


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